Property Taxes Due October 15th


Property taxes are due to the City of Covington by October 15th at midnight. There are a few things that are different this year. Property owners will have four ways to search for their bill online: by last name, name of their street, bill number, or property identification number (PIDN). Residents who search via the PIDN will need to type in dashes or periods- exactly how it’s listed on their bill. Unpaid waste collection fees (from March) will be added to property tax bills. Residents who use a credit card or debit card to pay the tax bill, either online or in person at City Hall, will be charged a service fee of $3 or 2.65 percent, whichever is higher. The property tax rate is the same as last year.


There are five different ways to pay:

  • Online at

  • By mail at P.O. Box 643749, Cincinnati, OH 45264

  • By calling (859) 292-2180

  • In person at City Hall, 20 W. Pike St., between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:30 pm

  • By dropping the payment off in a secure, after-hours drop box that appears as a slot on the outside wall of City Hall (to the left of the main entrance but not under the overhang).

Extended Leave Reminders 

Please remember to reset the thermostats and “turn off the main water supply” when leaving the condo for an extended period of time.

Security Team Update


Mya Jefferson will be back on Thursday’s and Friday’s! Also, there is a new addition to the team! Michael Kordes will be working 1st shift on weekends.

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